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Easter 2016 Special

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Created 9-Mar-16
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Easter 2016 Special

BOL Water Rally

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Created 25-Mar-16
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BOL Water Rally

Michael Vick OUC Visit

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Created 28-Apr-16
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Michael Vick OUC Visit

Zambia Campmeeting

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Created 11-May-16
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Zambia Campmeeting

Magic Johnson visit

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Magic Johnson visit

Spring revival 2016

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32 photos

Camp meeting 2016: Wintley Phipps

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Created 13-Jun-16
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Camp meeting 2016: Wintley Phipps

Summer Revival 2016

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Created 9-Aug-16
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Summer Revival 2016

Central California Conference Campmeeting

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Created 29-Jul-16
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Central California Conference Campmeeting

Guestbook for All Photographs
Linda Faye Harrell(non-registered)
Greetings, Breath of life/ Pastor Carlton Byrd. I truly enjoy your messages that air on the word network Sunday's at 1:30 pm. I thank God for your candid messages that reach people where they are. Keep preaching the word & giving us what we need. The real word of God.
God Bless you & your ministry. You're a blessing to the world.
Thank you.
Mugisha Nkornko(non-registered)
Dr. Calton and the entire ministry yu are such a blessing, your yotube channel serves the purpose here in Tanzania at the foot of Mount Kilianjaro where i live. Looking foward to welcome you and see Pr. Calton coverage from Africa..
Linda davis(non-registered)
I watch you diligently from
Natchez, Missossoppi. I truly get words from the Christ through you and you and Dr Walter Pearson are rare gems well chosen of God I am always inspired by each of you. I thank God for you and I plan to become one of the 4,000 $40 donors in the next couple of weeks to be continued indefinitely because this world needs you
Amen Mpofu(non-registered)
May God continue inspiring this ministry.
Ralph Bakmeyer -- Antriol Adventist Church Bonaire Dutch Caribbean.(non-registered)
Pastors have a very special calling on their lives, and they need to be appreciated, cherished and encouraged as much as possible.
Pastor Carlton Byrd may God bless you and all in the ministry of Breath of Life.
The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you
and give you peace. Amen

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